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Welcome to Bear In Sheep’s Clothing, luxury yarn lovingly hand-dyed in Northern Ireland.

We are passionate about luxury fibres sourced as locally and ethically as possible.   For now that means British wool, spun in Britain. We dye them with love and care in Belfast. We consider the health of the planet in every step we take... Using non-toxic, heat and light fast acid dyes and food grade citric acid as our setting agent. All the dye is exhausted from our pots. Water is reused and we use as little plastic in our packaging as possible. Our colourways range from moody and saturated, bright neon realness, to subtle speckled whispers and everything in between! We gain inspiration from the Irish countryside, cult classics and cartoons, even a piece of jewellery! We absolutely love what we do and we hope you fall in love here too!

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Why Bear In Sheep’s Clothing?

We don't just hand dye yarns to sell,
we use our own products so we know exactly what customers need and are looking for.
We are as excited as you are when we create a new yarn. Here's what our wonderful customers say about us...

Cathy Fleming

I've purchased from this seller many times and never been disappointed! Bernie is a talented imaginative dyer. Colours are stunning!!!

Cathy Fleming


Oh so gorgeous... I must say I'm very pleasantly surprised by this yarn. I'll admit, when I bought it, I hadn't seen that it was a BFL/Masham mix... Had I seen that I wouldn't have bought it as I once got Masham to spin and hated it. This yarn though is absolutely gorgeous... soft and with wonderful drape...


Gillian Lindsay

As ever Bernie has done an amazing job in getting the colours perfect. Definitely my favourite dyer! Another beautiful colourway from Bear in Sheeps clothing, would definitely recommend Bernie if you're looking for a custom colour! This is just perfect for my project, Bernie worked her magic with this colour

Gillian Lindsay

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